A healthy diet helps your body to prepare for pregnancy. It is important to ensure you maintain a healthy and balanced diet and get regular exercise. Remember to eat plenty of different fruit and vegetables (a minimum of five servings per day), fiber rich foods (such as bread, pasta, rice and bread) and protein-rich products, such as fish (at least two times per week), chicken, eggs, and nuts. Watch what you drink if you are planning to become pregnant and try to avoid alcohol and caffeine, which means watching your intake of coffee, tea and soft drinks, all of which have a high caffeine content. If you are taking vitamin supplements, ensure you limit your intake of vitamin A, which is harmful in too high a dosage. Nutrilon Pregnancy & amp; breastfeeding does not contain any vitamin A.

Folic acid reduces the risk of certain deformities such as spina bifida or cleft palate. When you stop with your contraception, it is advisable to use a daily supplement of 0.4 mg Nutrilon to ensure you have enough folic acid in your body at the time that a foetus will develop. In general, we do not get sufficient folic acid from our daily diets, so this is something that needs to be supplemented.

Staying fit for your pregnancy

Pregnancy and the development of your baby is quite demanding on your body. It is therefore important that you are fit enough for this undertaking. Exercise improves your energy level and helps to reduce stress, both important if you are considering getting pregnant. In addition it is good to keep moving during the pregnancy to maintain some level of fitness.